Voice Laser Treatment

Vocal cord surgery is a very precise and delicate surgery and there have been many advances in this field over the last few years. The most notable amongst these is the adaptation of surgical lasers for microlaryngeal surgery.

The Laser surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and a rigid endoscope is used to access the area of the vocal cords. The surgeon uses a operating microscope to view the area of surgery and the operation is carried out using special micro instruments and lasers.

What is the scope of Laser Phonosurgery

- Protruding lesions like vocal nodules, polyps, vocal cord cysts, papillomas

- Angiomatous lesions and Reinke’s oedema.

- Recessed lesions like sulcus vocalis

- Leucoplakia and intramucosal cysts

- Malignancy – Over the years, endoscopic laser microsurgery has shown itself to be an effective treatment for early stages of laryngeal cancer. It can also be used in late stages as part of palliative surgery (debulking)

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